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Mark Drugs Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in the custom compounding of medications, assuring that clients get the proper prescriptions for their unique needs and conditions. Learn more about our compounding pharmacies in Illinois.

Mark Drugs Pharmacy focuses on improving patient health and the overall quality of life of its patients and clients. We strive to achieve these goals by working with a variety of practitioners and integrating the knowledge and treatment modalities of these wise and compassionate experts to create comprehensive health plans. Call us today!

Mark Drugs, WCPT and Anti-Cruelty Society present:

Adoptable Pet of the Month: DOMO


Allow us to introduce you to the delightful Domo, a 2-year-old canine bundle of love! Domo's journey led him to us due to unforeseen landlord issues, but he's now eagerly awaiting his second chance at a forever home filled with love and understanding. Domo's charming personality shines through despite his initial challenges. He's a sweet and mellow soul who's simply looking for a patient and understanding adult-only home. Domo is the embodiment of loyalty and affection, ready to form an unbreakable bond with his new human companion. It's important to note that Domo has some resource guarding tendencies when it comes to food and treats. To ensure a harmonious routine, Domo should be fed all his meals, treats, and high-value chews in a private and secure space where he can enjoy his meals undisturbed. This small accommodation will help him thrive and feel at ease. While Domo's initial transition may lead to a few potty accidents as he adjusts, he's an intelligent and quick learner who will pick up on routines swiftly, especially if taken out for potty breaks three times a day. In his previous home, he demonstrated his knack for communication by alerting his humans with a bark when he needed to relieve himself. In his previous living situation, Domo coexisted with two cats and was reported to be "okay" around them. This suggests that he could potentially share his new home with a feline friend, given a gradual and thoughtful introduction. Domo's enthusiasm sometimes leads to a bit of jumpiness when treats are involved, but he quickly settles down and sits politely, showcasing his willingness to learn and follow commands. Once he's comfortable, Domo absolutely adores receiving pets from people he trusts. If you're considering bringing Domo into your life, be prepared for a loving companion who will enrich your days with joy and unwavering loyalty. With a patient approach, basic training, and a consistent routine, Domo is destined to become your lifelong best friend. Don't miss out on the chance to welcome Domo into your heart and home, where he'll flourish into the incredible dog he was always meant to be. Come and meet Domo at the Anti-Cruelty Society today!