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Compounding Pharmacy
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Mark Drugs Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in the custom compounding of medications, assuring that clients get the proper prescriptions for their unique needs and conditions. Learn more about our compounding pharmacies in Illinois.

Mark Drugs Pharmacy focuses on improving patient health and the overall quality of life of its patients and clients. We strive to achieve these goals by working with a variety of practitioners and integrating the knowledge and treatment modalities of these wise and compassionate experts to create comprehensive health plans. Call us today!

Mark Drugs, WCPT and Anti-Cruelty Society present:

Adoptable Pet of the Month: BUCK


Meet Buck the pup! He is the sweetest, loving and playful juvenile pup with his teenage years upon him. He is very food motivated, which is great for obedience and impulse control training as well as being mouthy with treats (he knows how to catch - try tossing!) Buck can easily be redirected with treats & verbal praise for positive reinforcement. He could use some extra loving as one of our Special Care animals meaning he would greatly benefit from behavior medication to help with impulse control and decreasing his anxiety/fear of loud noise and meeting unfamiliar people. Potential adopters should become familiar with a veterinarian comfortable with behavior medication. If Buck sounds like the perfect addition to your family, visit him at Anti Cruelty today!         VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCGHBhf50l0