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Compounding Pharmacy
in Roselle & Deerfield

Mark Drugs Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in the custom compounding of medications, assuring that clients get the proper prescriptions for their unique needs and conditions. Learn more about our compounding pharmacies in Illinois.

Mark Drugs Pharmacy focuses on improving patient health and the overall quality of life of its patients and clients. We strive to achieve these goals by working with a variety of practitioners and integrating the knowledge and treatment modalities of these wise and compassionate experts to create comprehensive health plans. Call us today!

Mark Drugs, WCPT and Anti-Cruelty Society present:

Adoptable Pet of the Month: CHATO


Is there anything cuter than this adorable boy! Introducing Chato! Chato is a handsome guy who came to the shelter when his former owner could no longer keep him. Chato is a perfect couch potato. His mellow and friendly dispossession makes him the perfect guy for a verity of homes. Chato has done great and with everyone he meets and when he lived in his previous home small children would even use him as a pillow while the cuddling. Chato loves head scratches and ribs scratches, his round body makes it a little hard to reach some areas so don't be afraid to give him lot of scratches. You will be his favorite person if you do. Chato recently made it into our adoption center and staff is still getting to know him. Check back soon for more updates-- but if you're looking for a cuddle Budy to curl up next to Chato is the dog for you, so come on down to The Anti-Cruelty Society and meet Chato today!