Compounding Pharmacy
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Mark Drugs Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy that specializes in the custom compounding of medications, assuring that clients get the proper prescriptions for their unique needs and conditions. Learn more about our compounding pharmacies in Illinois.

Mark Drugs Pharmacy focuses on improving patient health and the overall quality of life of its patients and clients. We strive to achieve these goals by working with a variety of practitioners and integrating the knowledge and treatment modalities of these wise and compassionate experts to create comprehensive health plans. Call us today!

Mark Drugs, WCPT and Anti-Cruelty Society present:

Adoptable Pet of the Month: LEXIE


"Giggle ball, giggle ball, wherefore art thou giggle ball?" Lexie cries from her tower, yearning for the green and purple toy. But alas, it was written in the stars that the pair was never meant to be. For the last time Lexie played with the giggle ball, it affixed itself to her mouth and would not come loose, even with the best of prying by the ACS staff members. Now they are kept apart indefinitely, separated by a big, bolded sign on her kennel labeled, "NO GIGGLE BALLS". As any lady should be, Lexi is regarded in the most special care, as her paws have developed arthritis over her distinguished life. But while the stars may be conspiring against her pairing with the giggle ball, they are more than happy to pair her with other dogs, as she does super well with dogs of a similar sweet and calm temperament to hers. While in her new home, before she knows the love of another, she may call out to her beloved giggle ball until she settles in to her new kingdom. But fret naught, once she is confident in her station she is sure to be the most loyal and loving companion you might ever meet. Lexie patiently awaits your arrival, so come meet her today!